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How to Fold Towels Like a Luxury Hotel

Woman demonstrating how to roll a washcloth in the form of a rosebud

Bath Towel Origami is Easier Than You Think

If you’ve ever gone to a luxury hotel, chances are you’ve admired the special touch of unique towel art. Also referred to as towel origami and towel sculpture, towel art adds a special touch to hotel rooms. You can give your bathroom a 5-star hotel look by learning some simple towel folding techniques. They are fast and simple ways to add a touch of art to any bathroom in just a few minutes. Here are a few to get you started. Read on below and enjoy our instructional video.

Roll Up Method for Bath Towels

Woman demonstrating how to roll a bath towel like a hotel

Many luxury hotels use the roll-up method for folding bath towels. Now only is this method fairly simple, but it also adds an elegant touch. First, spread your luxury Sobel bath towel on a table so it lays flat. Next, fold the towel in half lengthwise. Take a back corner and fold it across, lining up the bottom part. Then, flip it over and imagine the towel cut into thirds. Roll the towel and make sure the folds remain neatly in place as you go. Be sure to apply pressure as you roll the towel starting from the back. Take the corner that is coming out of the roll and tuck it into the fold. Your bath towels are now easy to store or display in your bathroom, ready for use.

Compact and Pretty Hand Towel Fold

To fold your luxury Sobel hand towels, you should start by spreading it so that it lays flat on the table. Fold the towel down from a corner and make sure the edges line up. Take the back corner and pull the point down so that both are flush and the back parts are level. Be sure to press down on the poles to keep the shape together. Next, flip the towel over and roll it up so that it is nice and tight. Tuck the end in and you have a compact rolled towel.

With this simple method, your hand towels will be elegant, compact, and easy-to-store. You can display them in the guest bathroom or you can throw them in your workout bag. If you decide to display your folded luxury Sobel hand towels in your bathroom, you should have a small basket near the sink area. There should also be a small hamper for guests to throw the used hand towels in when they’re done.

Washcloth Magic: the Rosebud

Woman demonstrating how to roll a washcloth in the form of a rosebud

Add a touch of art to your bathroom with this easy to fold method for washcloths, the Rosebud. Start by laying your washcloth out flat on a table in a diamond shape. The washcloth’s tag should be at the bottom and facing up. Next, fold the washcloth in half diagonally. Be sure the tag remains at the bottom. The next step is rolling the washcloth from top to bottom, until you are about a finger’s length from the bottom. Pick up the towel and fold the top over a quarter inch. Then, bring the fold down in the same direction. Be sure to tuck the tag under. When you come to the end of the line, you should fold the bottom upwards. You should see a thumb at the bottom. Take the flap and fold it over the top part. If you followed the steps correct, your luxury Sobel washcloth should be in the shape of a rosebud. For a nice final touch, you should put the roses in a small basket to create a bouquet of roses. 

Sobel Bath Towel Art Starts with Quality Towels

As you can see, folding your luxury Sobel towels like a luxury hotel is easy.  Make sure your towels are luxury hotel quality too, and you’ll be a hit. Earn a 5-star rating with your family and guests when you use Sobel’s high quality hotel towels, like the Sobella bath set. Plush, soft and absorbent with designer touches, our luxury hotel towels are made from the best materials on state of the art weaving equipment for long-lasting beauty and comfort. They are used by the best hotels in the world, and now we’ve made them available to everyone at home in our online boutique,

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