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How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep in a Hotel

woman with hotel pillow over her head can't sleep due to noise

What to Do When You Can’t Sleep in a Hotel

woman with hotel pillow over her head can't sleep due to noise

Travel can be fun and exciting. But the truth is, staying in a hotel room can feel disruptive and end up being a tiring, disappointing experience. No matter how adventurous we may feel, to some extent all of us are creatures of habit. The familiar sounds, sights, and feel of your own bed is part of how you lull yourself to sleep every night. So, no matter how luxurious and inviting, your hotel room will feel different and you may have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.

Whether you are planning a long-awaited getaway to a premiere resort or booking a room for a high-stress overnight business trip, one of the biggest challenges on these nights away from the comforts of home is getting a good night’s rest in an unfamiliar place.

Ten Helpful Hints for a Good Night’s Sleep in a Hotel

happy hotel guest in comfortable luxury hotel bed and ready for vacation

As providers of luxury hotel linens to high-end hotels and resorts, here at Sobel Westex, we’re pretty familiar with the hotel experience. We specialize in making sure that our clients’ hotel guests enjoy quality sleep experience in their guest room. So, we’ve learned to recognize the important elements of a good night’s sleep in a hotel.

Below are some strategies you can use to help improve your hotel room sleep experience:

  1. Choose Your Accommodations Carefully. How at home you feel in a hotel will go a long way to getting a restful night’s sleep. Many travelers have favorite chain where you slept well in the past and won’t stay anywhere else. Check out the hotel’s amenities and location carefully before booking. Since the bed is key to your ability to relax and sleep well, choose a hotel that has a reputation for offering extra-comfortable beds and that puts a priority on the quality of the room experience. If unsure about a property, read online reviews for more insight.
  2. Avoid Construction Zones. Check with the preferred hotel before booking to see if they are in the process of renovating rooms or if there’s work going on at properties nearby. Reviews from other websites may also mention renovations taking place.
  3. Select a Quiet Area of the Hotel. Generally speaking, choose rooms on upper floors away from staircases, elevators, vending and ice machines and staging areas for the housekeeping crew. Even asleep, we are instinctively on alert for danger. Stray sounds, even soft ones, may alert your brain to waken just because they are new and different. Try earplugs or “white noise” by turning on the room fan to drown out unfamiliar sounds. Place a “do not disturb” sign on the door before bed in case your housekeeper is an early bird.
  4. Give the Room that Feeling of Home. If you are in your favorite hotel chain, ask for your favorite hotel pillow to be delivered to your room, or even bring your own. If you have allergies to laundry detergents, check with the hotel staff before you arrive to be sure your sheets and bedding will not spark an allergy attack. If you have one, pack your favorite room scent in the form of a plug-in or spray air freshener. Non-smokers should always make sure that the room they reserve is away from smoking rooms.hoto of a beautiful young woman drinking tea in white hotel bedroom
  5. Keep Your Routine Familiar. As much as possible, stick to a familiar routine even if you are a few time zones away from your home. Try to dine and get to sleep at the normal time. Bring your favorite herbal tea or light snack for a bedtime treat, and pack your favorite PJ’s, socks, or slippers.
  6. Avoid Overeating and Drinking Too Much Caffeine. Especially if you are dealing with jet lag or even small time zone differences, your body clock and daily routine are being disrupted by travel. Adding a big meal before bed may disrupt your sleep, leading to tossing and turning, so eat lightly and not too close to bedtime. Consider having a small glass of wine or decaffeinated cup of tea to relax at the end of the day.
  7. Save the Bed is for Sleeping. If your room allows it, refrain from using your bed as a place to work, eat, or read. If you spend hours reading and writing while on the bed, you may have a difficult time transitioning into sleeping in it. Most room are equipped with a desk or table for this purpose. Move to the bed when your body and mind feel ready for sleep.young woman reading a book in hotel bed
  8. Put Away Your Gadgets. Unless you have to keep your device turned on for calls from family members far away, at bedtime, turn off your phone and other devices so you do not get late night calls or text messages from callers who may be several time zones away. Since the light from computer screens tends to wake your brain, power down your laptop, cell phone or tablet device an hour before bedtime.
  9. Let There Be Darkness. Hotel curtains are notorious for hanging just a little bit off so that light gets through where you don’t want it. Pack a few clothespins to secure the curtains. If needed, roll up a towels and place it by the door to limit light coming from the hallway. Sensitive sleepers can bring along a blindfold as night lights and security lights sometimes are unavoidable
  10. Keep It Cool. As soon as you check into your room, make sure that the air conditioner functions properly. Keep the room at a slightly cooler temperature than at home. Most people find temperatures somewhere between 62 ºF to 72 ºF (approximately 16.5 °C to 22 °C) the most comfortable for sleeping.

Enjoy the Comfort of Sobel at Home Hotel Pillows and BeddingSobel Westex Sahara Nights bedset on hotel room bed with brown alpaca throw

Sobel Westex hotel luxury linens are so comfortable that many hotel guests ask for them by name. The pillows are carefully designed to provide luxurious comfort and healthful support, and to encourage a full, restful night’s sleep. Found in many of the best hotels, Sobel Westex hotel pillows, sheets, towels and blankets provide comfort in your home away from home, and now, right in your home. We wish you sweet dreams, wherever you are sleeping.

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