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Best Family Activities to do in October


October is a busy month! It’s the month that truly kicks off the fall season; the first in a slew of holiday festivities. The kids have been at school for a month now, and everyone is back into a predictable schedule. So many fun opportunities to spend time with our family and give the kids meaningful traditions that they’ll back on with fond memories.

We’ve broken it down by outdoor and indoor activities. We’ll be exploring the indoor activities more indepth, so be sure to tune back in!

For the outdoor activities, make sure to check your local paper (or online) for a full calendar of activities. Most cities aim to build a sense of community with their residents and are sure to have events lined up for the whole family to enjoy!



  1. Pumpkin picking
  2. County Fair
  3. Festivals – Harvest, Books, Arts & Crafts, Wine & Beer
  4. Haunted Happenings
  5. Halloween Movies – have a weekly movie night or go to the theaters to watch the latest Halloween movie
  6. Neighborhood walks – let the kids go hunting for the perfect autumn leaves



  1. Bake your favorite fall treats
  2. Pumpkin Carving + Arts & Crafts
  3. Decorate indoors or the lawn with spooky ghouls and more!
  4. Halloween Party! Throw a party for your friends (yes, adults can have parties just for themselves) or throw one for the kids and their friends.
  5. Family photos (Indoor & Outdoor)
  6. Share a pumpkin-spiced milkshake (or pumpkin pie and pumpkin ice cream!)



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