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How to Care for Hotel Quality Bath Towels

Children in laundry room sorting clean towels in front of dryer.

Hotel Quality Towel Care and Laundering Tips

Children in laundry room sorting clean towels in front of dryer.

Everyone enjoys the fresh look and feel of brand new bath towels. New homeowners often top off their fresh new home with quality bath towels to add their personal style and a touch of luxury. Newlyweds may receive beautiful bath sets to help them begin their shared journey in comfort. And many of us redecorate and refresh with simple touches like replacing old and worn towels with new hotel quality bath sets that can turn an ordinary bath or shower into a spa experience.

The challenge with beautiful, plush and fluffy new towels is keeping them that way. The pretty simple secret to keeping them looking great longer comes down to proper care and maintenance. Caring for luxury towels isn’t hard, it just takes following a few simple rules of proper towel care.

How to Care for Towels in the Bathroom

Beautiful woman with clean luxury bath towels in bathroom

There are some practical and simple ways to make sure your towels last a long time. Good towel care involves more than laundering correctly. It actually begins in the bathroom between uses:

Damp towels should be hung separately

Towels that are doubled over or hung on top of, or too close to, other towels may transfer or harbor germs and bacteria. This can lead to a breakdown in the towel’s woven fibers and cause the towels to deteriorate and fray more easily. They can also start to smell moldy if bacteria grows because the towels are not allowed to dry completely after use.

Change your towels regularly

Clean towels should be used a maximum of three times before being laundered. This is best for the towel and the user. Any more than three times and you are drying off with a soiled towel and allowing grime to burrow deeper into the towel, making it less absorbent and not feel soft and fresh.

Alternate your towels

It is wise to change out your towels with regularity. Try to keep at least three to four sets that you can rotate through the bathroom. Use a set, launder it and then let it rest for a few weeks while you use other towel sets. You’ll enjoy a different look and your towels will last longer.

Laundry Care Tips for Bath Towels

Young Smiling Woman holding Laundry Detergent. Happy Beautiful Girl holding Bottle of Loundry Detergent and fluffy clean towels properly laundered

How quality bath towels look, feel and hold up over time has a lot to do with how you launder them. Here are some laundering tips for good towel care:

Wash Towels in Hot Water

Use hot water when washing your bath towels. Hot water helps break through oils and other soil on the surface of the towel for a deeper clean. That is, of course, unless the manufacturer’s instructions  recommend something different.

Add Vinegar to the Wash

When detergent, grime and other contaminants build up on towels, they lose their plush feel and may even have a musty odor. One way to banish these contaminants is, every few washes, add a cup of vinegar to your wash. Vinegar will strip away the soils without harming your towels. If your towels retain any vinegary smell, run them through another rinse cycle.

Other Laundry Tips for Washing Towels

  • To help your towels retain their plushness, color and shape, go easy on detergent, which if overused, can build up on the fibers.
  • Use fabric softener sparingly as it also leaves a film on the fibers.
  • For musty odors, as an alternative to vinegar (but not together!), use baking soda to help freshen them in the wash. This will not only extend the life of your towels by preserving the fibers, but also help them retain their absorbency and fluffiness.
  • Wash towels separately so you can use a hot water cycle, then dry them enough so there is no dampness left. Towels take longer than regular clothes, and are often left damp if dried together with them. Avoid overdrying though, since that may cause damage to the towel fibers, making them look frayed and old sooner.
  • Shake them out. Before you toss your towels in the dryer, shake each one out. This will help prevent them from balling up in the dryer, crushing the fibers and losing the towel’s soft, plush feel, not to mention leaving parts of the towel damp where a sour or moldy smell can develop.
  • Add essential oils for a spa experience at home. If you want a spa-like experience in you bathroom, you can add essential oils to lightly scent your towels. Choose your favorite, such as tea tree, lavender, orange or chamomile essential oils. Add a few drops to your liquid detergent, drop it into your fabric softener compartment or sprinkle it on a damp white cloth and toss that in the wash with the towels.

Feel the Difference with Luxury Hotel Quality Towels

Stack of luxury towel set Sobella bath set by Sobel Westex color is ecru

Fresh, plush, clean-smelling towels are a joy. After a refreshing shower or bath, who doesn’t look forward to a warm, fluffy, soft, and absorbent towel to wrap up in? Favored by fine hotels and resorts, Sobel Westex luxury hotel towels are made to deliver that luxurious high end spa experience, every time you use them.

Sobel luxury bath towels are made to satisfy the high standards of world-class hotels. We use high quality 100% ring spun cotton for soft, strong fibers that last and look great longer. Our special advanced weave technology enhances the soft, plush feel and increases the towel’s durability for longer-lasting beauty and comfort. Our hotel collection bath sets come in a variety of styles to add variety and beauty to your bathroom. Choose from a selection of classic and modern trims to match your taste. Care for your luxury hotel quality bath towels with our tips and they will continue to beautify your bath and feel like new, even after many washes. For a beautiful selection of our bath sets, as well as a look at our splashy pool towels and other luxury linens, visit

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