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Celebrate Armed Forces Week with Sobel at Home

Soldiers in uniform saluting against the sky at armed forces celebration

Armed Forces Week 2020 is May 9-16

Soldiers in uniform saluting against the sky at armed forces celebration

Celebrate Armed Forces Week with us. One of our favorite spring traditions, Armed Forces Week honors our military service members for their dedication to protecting and serving all of us. The week leads up to Armed Forces Day, which is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday in May.  Here at Sobel at Home, we’re pleased to reflect on the work of our military, and remember those who have sacrificed for us, now and in the past.

Remember our Military and their Families

Armed Forces Week is a chance to honor current members of the military while paying homage to the members who have served in the past. Armed Forces Day began shortly after World War II, in 1950, after all branches of the military were consolidated under the umbrella of the Department of Defense. During the first Armed Forces Day, 10,000 soldiers from all branches of the military marched in formation past the President in Washington D.C. Over the years, celebrations grew around the country. Many communities look forward to the activities that traditionally take place.

Today, this week is still celebrated in numerous ways across the country. There are parades, military flyovers, air shows, and more. There are also luncheons held throughout the country as well as events themed around service and fitness. This week of celebration is a great chance for the country as a whole to learn more about the armed forces, with displays of aircraft and military equipment and events for the public. There are usually flag-raising events as well as a way to honor past and present military members.

This Year’s Armed Services Day is Special

American female service member and little daughter at home on the sofa with flag watching armed services celebration

While this year these kinds of celebrations are unlikely due to the coronavirus, military families and those who remember them should take time to celebrate and learn about military life. Families who have served can share their stories with their children and even grandchildren. Pull out old scrapbooks, uniforms, service badges and other mementos. Have a special meal together and talk about what our military service people mean to all of us, especially in difficult times like today.  You might also consider sending a care package to a military family serving overseas or make a donation to a veteran’s organization.

Let’s not forget our armed services just because we can’t drive out to an airfield or tour a naval shipyard. We can still remember and thank them.

Sobel at Home Armed Services Week Sitewide Sale

Sobel Westex luxury Sobella pillows displayed on hotel bed

Sobel at Home is celebrating Armed Services Week with a special sale offering 20 percent off sitewide from May 14-18. The sale means you’ll get a great deal on any of our top quality hotel linen products, including luxury pillows, smooth and comfortable bed sets, plush bath and pool towels, cozy comforters, blankets and more. Check out a customer favorite, the Sobella pillow, a luxurious, lofty pillow that has been designed specifically for those who sleep on their side. This hypoallergenic, soft but supportive pillow will help you fall right to sleep.

Check out some of our other offerings and use coupon code NAFD20 for 20% off your purchase during our Armed Services Week sale. Whether yours is a military family or not, families love to be pampered with a little Sobel at Home luxury. 

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