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How to Fold a Hotel Towel

luxury hotel bathroom with orchids and white folded hand towels next to the sink

Part of the hotel experience is the luxurious and welcoming look and feel of hotel towels and linens. If you’ve enjoyed a luxury hotel stay, or you’ve been to a spa or resort, you may have seen how the staff try to add a little extra style, beauty and sometimes fun by folding the bath and hand towels into attractive shapes.

Folding a luxury bath towel is a hotelier’s art—and one that’s easy to emulate at home. If you’d like to give your bathroom at home a little extra style, we’ve gathered some of our favorite online video tutorials on a few towel folding techniques that aren’t difficult to do. Try a few to add that extra touch of elegance and delight for your family and guests.

Folding Techniques for Hand Towels  

Basic Trifold for Stacked Towels

fluffy white hotel towels folded and stacked

For that neat, orderly hotel towel look all the time, try folding your bath and hand towels into thirds vertically, then fold them horizontally again into thirds as well. This fold assures that the edges of the towel are not visible or sticking awkwardly out the sides, and with its neat tucks and rolls, gives the towels a fluffy and rounded look.

Pocket and Fan Hanging Towel

The pocket and fan is achieved by folding a hand towel lengthwise and crosswise, forming a pocket on the bottom of the panel of the towel that hangs facing the guest. Then turn a washcloth into a fan shape and tuck it into the pocket. It’s easy, and one of the most artistic of the hotelier’s folds.

And now, a variation on the pocket and fan. Make a gorgeous hand towel with washcloth roll. You’ll be folding the washcloth accordion-style, then folding it in half, then opening the folded cloth into a seashell shape. Place the shell gently on the hand towel that’s folded and then opened on a diagonal.

We think these powder room techniques are such an impressive touch!

Origami for the Bath

Pillow and blown pillow and fold the towel as a swan kiss each other on the white bed

The swan fold, a bath towel folding technique sometimes used on cruise ships or in resort hotels, takes just one minute!  The bath towel is rolled, diagonally, from both ends, then curled into a S-shape. Next, fan-style folding makes the washcloth into elegant wings. This is origami for your bathroom!

The Spa Towel Roll

Stage your home for a house tour or your next party with a very easy towel folding spa-style roll. To create an attractive towel basket in the bathroom, start by folding a bath towel once over, widthwise. If the towel is large, you’ll repeat this fold. Then, simply roll up the towel, tightly and evenly.

soapherbs sponge and towels in a wicker basket on a light background

When your towel is nicely rolled, place it in a decorative basket, adding more towels of various sizes. Easy and delightful! Your decorative basket of fresh linens takes just a minute per towel to arrange. This one is so simple to do every day, taking no more time than ordinary folding.

Animal Shape Towel Folding for the Kids

terry cloth hand towel folded into a bunny for children

The kids will have fun making an impression on your guests, and once they learn these techniques, they might just get into the habit of doing them over and over again. They can even get crafty, folding towels into shapes from elephants to bunnies.

Accessorize with mints, orchids, or local flowers to add enjoyment and style. Now the kids will start watching how linens are folded in hotels, and they’ll bring home some more ideas, like these from the staff of a luxury cruise line.

Elephant origami towel on the bed of a hotel.

Start with the Best Luxury Hotel Bath Towels

Sobellina bath towel set by Sobel Westex

Of course, no matter how you fold them, a towel will make the best impression when it is used. Luxury hotels and resorts know that the true experience of luxury must be complete. This is why they use only the softest, thickest and most inviting towels. You can purchase the same luxury towels that the best hotels use online from Sobel at Home. Sobel Westex is a leading worldwide provider of luxury hotel towels and bedding to the hospitality industry, so chances are you’ve encountered our cozy pillows, sheets, blankets, and towels during your hotel stays, or even on a cruise ship. Now our fluffy, durable, easy-care and top quality luxury bath towels are available for the home. Visit our online store today for Sobel towels, like our thick, soft and beautiful 100% ring-spun cotton Sobellina or Bellados bath sets and turn your bathroom into a luxury resort.

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