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How to Clean Bed Pillows

dog on the bed with his head on the pillow

dog on the bed with his head on the pillow

We all have our favorite bed pillows, but old or new, regular pillows or carefully chosen, specialty or luxury pillows, they all need to be cleaned from time to time. Regular care and cleaning will help keep your bed pillow looking new and fluffy, and make sure they smell fresh and clean when you put your head down at night. If you want your pillows to retain their form and comfortable feel over time, it’s important to clean them the right way. Proper care will help extend the life of your pillows and make sure you continue to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

Best Way to Wash a Bed Pillow Depends on Pillow Filling

How to Wash a Foam-Filled or Synthetic Bed Pillow

Female hands getting out wet bed sheet and pillow from washing machine

Most foam, cotton or synthetic-filled pillows can be cleaned in the washing machine.  However, to keep from damaging the pillow with a harsh wash cycle, be sure to use the delicate setting and wash them in cold water. Use a non-harsh detergent, such as one used for delicate items like baby clothing. After washing, place the pillow in the dryer on low heat, air dry or fluff setting. Be aware that at this low setting, it will take several hours to dry.  Be patient, as this is necessary to protect the pillow from damage. The gentle dry cycle allows the pillow to dry without damage to the fibers that provide the structure and texture of the pillow. Never use high heat when drying a pillow as this will cause the fibers to melt and lose shape, making the pillow unusable.

How to Clean a Feather-Filled or Down Pillow

Female hands washing a white bed pillow in basin

If you have a down or feather-filled pillow, it is recommended that you hand wash the pillow. Place it in a basin filled with enough warm water and a non harsh laundry detergent to completely submerge and cover the pillow. Knead or massage the pillow to work the soap in. Drain the basin and fill it with cool water. Submerge and knead the towel to get rid of any soap. Once the soap is gone, press on the pillow repeatedly to remove liquid. Do not wring the pillow. Once you have removed as much water as possible, roll the pillow up in a towel to remove moisture. Once this is done, place the pillow in the dryer on air dry or a low heat setting to dry it. Again, avoid speeding up the dry cycle with more heat as this will damage your delicate pillow.

How to Keep Your Bed Pillow Clean and Fresh Between Washings

One of the best tips for keeping your pillow clean and reducing the need for frequent washings is to use a quality pillow protector. A pillow cover helps to keep dirt and dust off the pillow, and provides a barrier to collect skin cells and absorb moisture as you sleep. Ideally, you should wash your pillow no more than twice a year to help it last longer. For extra cleanliness, you can also purchase pillows that use antimicrobial technology to help minimize the growth of bacteria and minimize odors.

Great Sleep and Durability in a Quality Luxury Hotel Pillow

sahara nights pillows on foot of bed

The best pillow care starts with a quality pillow. If your pillows are just too far gone, or you find you’re tossing and turning and can’t get comfortable, consider looking for a new bed pillow. Your comfort and quality of sleep depend on good head and neck support. And good sleep should be relaxing and comfortable. A great pillow will give you a sense of relaxed support and will be free of any allergens that may bother you. Sobel’s luxury hotel pillows, now available to everyone through are used in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and resorts, so you know they are luxuriously comfortable and made with the best materials to deliver comfort and a great night’s sleep for a long time.  Your Sobel Westex pillow will continue to provide comfort and service if you follow the care instructions. However, because all pillows do break down with use over time, and to keep the integrity and great feel of a quality bed pillow, we recommend replacing your pillow every 18 months to two years.

Choose the right pillow for your sleep style and you’ll discover how refreshing a great night’s sleep on a quality pillow can be. At home or on the road, we believe everyone should have a fresh and comfortable pillow to sleep on.

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