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Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials

Find your perfect pool towel

With many more long days ahead of us, summer is far from over. Whether you’ve been beachside or poolside these last few weekends, or are finally making time to do so, we’ve got you covered!

Our list of beach and pool essentials will ensure you make the most of your day in the sun–and looking fabulous while you’re at it! We’ve listed out this summer’s hottest products. From sunscreen, to the best summer reads, to your new favorite beach towel: Sobel’s extra large pink and white block-striped towel. This super-soft and ultra-absorbent cotton towel doubles as a blanket. Get one for you and your bestie and you’ll be lounging comfortably and stylishly for hours.

Summer is all about making memories and modeling your inner sun goddess, but don’t forget to stay hydrated and reapply sunscreen every few hours. Everyone wants a great tan, but it’s important to do it safely, and fight the early signs of aging. Just in case the heat is extra dry, bring a couple water bottles, plus a travel sized face mist to keep your skin from losing too much moisture.


Now, get your tote bag, bikini, sandals, sunglasses, and phone (or one of those cute mini polaroid cameras) and make a splash!


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