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8 Bucket List Travel Destinations

dream vacation bungalo lit up at sunset over water near great blue hole, belize

Ideas for a Dream Vacation from the Dreamy Hotel Linens Experts

dream vacation bungalo lit up at sunset over water near great blue hole, belize

Dreaming of a dream vacation while you’re at work or maybe during these long, dark winter nights? The good news is spring is around the corner. Now is a great time to plan your best vacation ever.  With so many travel destinations out there, you can find the one that fits your tastes and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. We know because we travel the world all the time, and our customers are found in some of the most beautiful and compelling places in the world. Before you settle for the same old vacation trip, take a look at our top eight bucket list travel destinations. Wherever you go, make this your best vacation ever.

Vacations for History Lovers

The following places are rich with historical significance.  Enjoy local culture and cuisine and explore historical sites that thrived hundreds and sometimes thousands of years ago.

Corfu, Greece

Vacation spot beautiful bay at Paleokastritsa on Corfu island, Greece

If you are a fan of ancient Greek Mythology, you will not want to miss Corfu. As the site of the Battle of Sybota of the Peloponnesian War, the island offers ruins of many Greek temples. History buffs will love battle sites honoring conflicts against the Ottoman Empire and the Napoleonic Wars.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat is the largest religious memorial complex in the world. The temple began as a monument to the Hindu God Vishnu as part of the Khmer Empire. Built in the 12th century, the site was eventually rededicated to Buddhism. Any traveler who appreciates eastern cultures would love to walk the symbolic grounds of Angkor Wat.

Petra, Jordan

Ancient tomb carved in the rock, Ed Deir (The Monastery) Petra, Jordan, Asia.

Known to original inhabitants as Raqmu, the city of Petra is believed to be as much as 11,000 years old. Petra is famous for movie scenes depicting its ancient temples, theaters, and tombs carved out of rose-colored stone. Walk among the mysterious structures captured in movies like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and The Mummy Returns.

Timgad, Algeria

Located in modern-day Algeria, Timgad was founded by the Emperor Trajan around AD 100. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is a powerful example of the Roman grid structure used in city planning. Featuring ancient landmarks such as the sandstone Arch of Trajan and the Capitoline Temple, Timgad is a must for fans of ancient Roman civilizations.

Alien Landscapes for Novelty Seekers

Push the boundaries of possibilities with these unearthly views. Your vacation pictures will look out of this world!

The Great Blue Hole, Belize

aerial view of the great blue hole of the coast of Belize

Formed thousands of years ago, the Great Blue Hole of the coast of Belize is a huge underwater sinkhole. The hole is more than a thousand feet across and 407 feet deep.  Divers will love the opportunity to explore the site which is part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System. The crystal clear waters offer unparalleled views of exotic fish and expansive underwater cave structures.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Japan

Most people are familiar with the strange looking shape of Bamboo trees. Walking through an entire forest of Bamboo, however, is a nature lover’s dream come true. With well-maintained walking paths through the forests, visitors can take a relaxing stroll through fantastic scenery. Nearby historical Tenryū-ji Temple and the Nonomiya Shrine round out the trip.

Longsheng Rice Terrace, China

The Longsheng Rice Terraces(Dragon's Backbone) also known as Longji Rice Terraces are located in Longsheng County, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) from Guilin, Guangxi, China

The  Longsheng Rice Terraces are also known as the Dragon’s Backbone. Swooping green fields emulate the look of coiling dragons resting in the fields. The fields boast layered rice shingles in the summer and glistening frosted grass panels in the winter. The nearby mountains offer some of the most breathtaking views of the scales and riverside. 

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Looking for restful beauty far away from it all? This sparkling archipelago of islands off the New Zealand coast is a favored getaway to an unspoiled exotic island paradise. Enjoy the laid back culture, friendly locals and tons of water sports and scenic excursions. Rest, relax and feel like you’re in another world.

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woman asleep in bed with white luxury sheets and her pug dog at her side

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