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Enjoy Sweet Sleep with Dolce Notte Pillows

Sleep Well at Home with the Best Luxury Hotel Pillows

Family of four sleeping sweetly together at home on white Dolce Notte hotel pillows

If you’re spending more time at home, think about upgrading some of your cozy comforts, like your pillow and bedding. One of the things we may miss with so little travel possible these days, is slipping into that fine bedding in quality hotels at the end of the day. How often when on the road have you wished that you could slip those fluffy hotel pillows into your suitcase to take home?

Now you can take control of your travel dreams right at home with our sweet, top quality hotel pillows, the Dolce Notte family of pillows. These ultra-luxurious pillows provide support and comfort for deep, restful sleep to pampered travelers in world class hotels, resorts, and cruise lines around the world. Now, these world class pillows are available for you to indulge in at home, where you’ll feel like you’re on vacation right in your own bed.

Enjoy Sweet Nights on Your Dolce Notte Pillow


Sleep in luxurious comfort on this brushed microfiber-filled pillow. The Dolce Notte pillow offers cozy, but firm, support to those who love to sleep on their sides. The 100% cotton material feels soft to the touch and the high-quality 233 thread count stands up to machine washing without losing its shape. Also, the pillow is treated with Silpure, an anti-bacterial fabric guard to resist odors so your pillow stays fresh and keeps germs away from your delicate skin.

Luxurious Support with Popular Dolce Notte II Hotel Pillow

Dolce Notte II pillows displayed on hotel style bed

If you’re tired of waking up with neck pain and tossing in bed when you should be sleeping, it’s time to switch to the Dolce Notte II pillow. The fine polyester-fiber filled pillow softens with a down-like quality, but without the feathers that may cause allergies. Let it go and watch as the pillow bounces back into shape. This medium-firm pillow helps back and side sleepers get comfortable without straining the neck and upper back. The cotton casing keeps you cool, and its hypoallergenic construction protects your skins. Let this resort-style pillow help you enjoy the rest you deserve night after night.

Keep it Green with the Dolce Vita Eco Pillow

Two white Dolce vita eco pillows by Sobel on hotel bed

Sleep easy on the Dolce Vita Eco Pillow, with a restfully soft and supportive filling made of 100% recycled PETP fibers from recycled plastic bottles. You can enjoy comfortable and luxurious sleep with a clear conscience on this planet-friendly pillow. This supportive pillow is great for stomach and back sleepers. Turn your bedroom into the restful oasis you need to inspire a good night’s sleep.

Live the Sweet Life with Sobel at Home

Dolce Notte and Dolce Vita pillows let you indulge yourself in luxurious sleep, the same experience you might have when staying in a luxury hotel. There’s no reason to wait for your next opportunity to travel. Bring your vacation home with any of our hotel pillows, bedding or bath sets. When you order any of these premium pillows, you get them within two business days, as long as we have them in stock. And, we offer free ground shipping.

Visit Sobel at Home for pillows and other luxury linen products to transform your bedroom into your favorite getaway for rest and relaxation.

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  1. Hi, I would like to know when you are expecting a re-stock of your Sobel Lux fleece blanket? I remember this blanket at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City? we stayed there for 15 years!! I have been wanting it for years & trying to get this for a couple of weeks now. Is this the exact blanket that hotel used? I remember it was of good weight, might have been a king size. I need queen in Pearl. Please help me out. P.S. Does anyone else sell your blanket?
    Sincerely, Pam

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