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Pick Up your Pillows for International Pillow Fight Day

Flying pillow feathers and down during international pillow fight day

Feathers Fly on International Pillow Fight Day

Flying pillow feathers and down during international pillow fight day

Yes, Virginia, there is an official International Pillow Fight Day and it’s coming up in early April. Celebrated on the first Saturday of April, and organized locally in cities around the world, International Pillow Fight Day gives everyone an excuse to grab their pillows and release all the pent up stresses of daily life with a good, old-fashioned pillow fight.

Pillow fighting probably originated shortly after the inventor of the first pillow in ancient Mesopotamia argued with someone about its design. Of course, early pillows were pieces of wood or stone, so the experience was likely a bit harsher than today with our feathery-downy soft pillows. With today’s advanced materials, pillows are soft and gentle and unlikely to do any harm except maybe wounded pride or uncontrollable laughter. Filled with feathers or down, pillows have an extra appeal for a pillow fight as they create a wonderful feathery mess during and after the mock battles.

Pillow Fight Day’s Social Media Roots

International pillow fight on April 11 2015

How did this craziness come to pass? The public pillow fight phenomenon took off on social media ten years ago. Conceived in chat rooms, emails, and message boards, the largest flash mob of its kind first came together in 25 cities around the world on March 22, 2008 to partake in what was known as Worldwide Pillow Fight Day. From Atlanta to Dublin, Houston to Melbourne, and New York to Vancouver, many a pillow made the ultimate sacrifice on that day. The 1999 film Fight Club served as an inspiration for smaller gatherings that led up to this original global event. Coupled with social media and an enthusiastic smart mob, Pillow Fight Clubs soon appeared in a variety of places.

Find a Pillow Fight and Join in the Fun

You can celebrate International Pillow Fight Day in a number of ways:

  • Organize a pillow fight using the Organizer How-To guide on Facebook.
  • Have a family gathering with a new and exciting twist.
  • Pack some pillows for a spring picnic at the park and spring into action.
  • Organize a block party and finally meet your neighbors in a wild and crazy pillow-fest.
  • If you don’t want to fight, organize donations through your company or group, such as gifts of new pillows donated to shelters where they will bring rest and comfort to those in need.

Participants in the annual pillow fight come prepared for fun. Some come in costume, others wear bed sheet capes, and all bring their worn out pillows. It’s all in good fun and participants can fight at their own pace. They are encouraged to swing gently and keep it light and easy. With soft pillows and a friendly attitude, nobody gets hurt (except the pillows):

Find a Great New Pillow Before or After Your Pillow Fight

Red headed girl hugging her pillow after a good night's sleep

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