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What is a Pillow Protector?

Young woman hugging a fluffy white pillow in a pillow protector

Meet the Pillow Protector that Hotels and Resorts Love

Young woman hugging a fluffy white pillow in a pillow protector

Have you ever used a pillow protector? Have you ever heard of one? If you are like many consumers, a pillow protector may be new to you. We are all used to using pillowcases, so unless you or someone in your house has allergies, you might have never had a pillow protector. However, these handy household items, common in quality hotels and resorts, are useful and for more than just allergy protection. Here are the details on what a pillow protector is, and why you should be using them for your bed pillows at home.

What’s the Difference Between a Pillow Protector and a Pillow Case?

A pillow protector is essentially a pillowcase that zips shut, rather than having an opening at one end. It encases the entire pillow and shields it completely from the outside. You can use a pillowcase along with a pillow protector by pulling the case on over the protector or just use the protector on its own as your extra protective pillowcase. It all depends on your individual health needs and taste in home decor.

A pillow protector encloses the pillow on all sides with a zipper, which keeps allergens like pet dander and dust mites from getting on the pillow through the open end of a regular pillow case. This makes your pillow safe for use by those with allergies, as it essentially becomes hypoallergenic with the protector.

Why do I Need a Pillow Protector?

Hands fluffing hotel pillow on bed

Even if you are not an allergy sufferer, a pillow protector adds an additional layer of protection that helps keep your pillow fresh and clean longer, and extend its life. It adds a barrier between you and your pillow to keep skin oil and flakes, as well as sweat, off of your pillow. These (along with nighttime drool) are what cause a pillow to turn yellow over time. If your pillow is a high-end, quality one you’ve spent a good amount of money on, you don’t want it to be damaged this way. A pillow protector keeps your pillow in pristine condition longer, and protects your investment in quality bedding.

Keep Your Pillow Fresh and New and Smelling Like a Rose

Three colorful pillows and pillowcases stacked in a pile

When your pillow is protected with a pillow protector, not only can you keep it clean and fresh, it also extends the life of the pillow so you get more use and enjoyment out of the quality pillow you carefully selected for your sleep style and budget. Not as subject to stains and contamination, with a pillow protector, the pillow will need to be replaced less often. The best way to enjoy your pillow longer is to protect it from the beginning with a pillow protector. They are very inexpensive and easy to wash and care for. They help you avoid having to wash your pillow which can damage it if done incorrectly or too often. You’ll feel the difference every night when you put your head on a pillow that feels and smells fresh and clean, and that always looks great, double-protected by your favorite decorative pillow case to match your personal style.

Meet the Sobel Westex Pillow Protector

Sobel Westex pillow protector white on a hotel pillow

The Sobel Westex pillow protector is a high quality cotton/polyester blend encasement that is perfect for protecting a luxury pillow from allergens and other dirt and damage. It is an antibacterial, allergen-shielding and a fully breathable fabric cover that will enhance your sleep experience by keeping your pillow cool and clean. With a 250 thread count, it is also extremely comfortable, so you will enjoy laying your head on it every night. And, it is an easy, inexpensive way to protect your investment in a high-end pillow. You can protect that pillow for a long time for about the same price as a cup of trendy coffee.

If protecting your investment in your pillow while maintaining a clean and healthy sleeping environment are important to you, give Sobel at Home’s pillow protector a try.

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