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Some Facts on How We Sleep

Relaxed smiling young woman sleeping in bed on two soft pillows in dark bedroom

How Does Your Sleep Compare to these Survey Results?

Relaxed smiling young woman sleeping in bed on two soft pillows in dark bedroom

Sleep is a vital part of your daily routine, though you may pay little attention to it. Proper sleep has been linked to better overall health, including lower instances of cardiovascular problems, better weight control, and better mental alertness. While most people know the importance of sleep, they know few other facts about it, except that many Americans do with less sleep than they should. Studies have gathered some interesting facts about America’s and the world’s sleep habits.

Stress Affects Many People’s Sleep Habits

Many people experience stress in their daily lives that affects their sleep. This stress can often make falling asleep more difficult, or lead to restless sleep. In many countries the number one stressor is work-related issues, followed by personal and family issues. An exception was Mexico, where more than half of people surveyed said that they worried about personal finances each night before going to bed.

Sleep Position Can Aid in Digestion

Many people who sleep on their stomach with a pillow beneath them say that they have better digestion and suffer fewer digestion-related issues throughout the day. Stomach sleep can result in back and neck pain, however, so it’s important to find a pillow designed for for stomach sleepers.

Sleep is Most Interrupted by Tossing and Turning

Tossing and turning was the number one reason people report interrupted sleep, followed by movement of their partner, improper support, uncomfortable temperature, and a sagging mattress.

Everyone Dreams, Though Few People Remember It

While people will average 4 to 7 dreams each night, only ten percent of people will actually remember anything from their dreams. Twelve percent of people only experience dreams in black and white.

Electronics Are Commonly Used at Bedtime

Young asian man in bed wearing headphones and holding tablet PC showing electronics used at bedtime

Even though many people know that screen time can hinder sleep, more than 50% of people will either watch TV or be on a computer, mobile phone or tablet  PC shortly before going to bed. The highest rates of electronics use were in the U.S. and Mexico. However, science shows blue light from mobile devices can affect the user’s ability to fall asleep and even their health.

Scent Can Affect Your Quality of Sleep

When surveyed about sleep habits, respondents said they felt more relaxed and had better sleep quality in a bedroom that has a pleasant scent. Many people make an effort to improve the smell in their bedroom by keeping it clean and using calming scents like lavender and jasmine.

People Design Their Bedroom to Improve Sleep

When asked whether they design their room to look attractive to visitors, be a functional living space when they are not sleeping, or to improve their sleep, most people said that they design their room to foster better sleep. A better sleeping environment, such as using comfortable bedding and relaxing colors, leads to better sleep.

Quiet and Dark Room Provides for Better Sleep

Most people believe that a quiet, dark room with low or no artificial lighting when sleeping provides them with the best sleep. Other factors they said create a good sleeping environment include a cool temperature, a clean room, and few allergens in the room for more comfortable breathing.

Comfortable Mattress and Comfortable Pillows Most Important

happy young woman in morning hugging pillow and wearing pajamas and bunny eyeshades for better sleep

When asked what items provide for better quality uninterrupted sleep, most people think the most important items are a comfortable mattress and comfortable pillows. These items were closely followed by clean sheets and comfortable blankets.

Number of Pillows Used Varies By Country

Most sleepers in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Canada use an average of two pillows when they sleep. A small percentage of those surveyed in Mexico and Japan do not use pillows at all.

Find the Perfect Pillow and Luxurious Bedding for Your Best Night’s Sleep


Getting a good night’s rest is a vital part of maintaining health and providing the energy you need to get more out of your day, whether it’s work or play. While there are a lot of factors that go into achieving a good night’s rest, most people agree that a comfortable sleep environment is key. If your bedroom leaves a lot to be desired, consider upgrading your comfort level by checking out the selection of top quality hotel pillows, blankets and bedding at Sobel at Home, where your sleep comfort is top priority.

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