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Buy a Good Pillow for Better Sleep

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How have you been sleeping lately? If you are doing more tossing and turning than enjoying peaceful slumber, you are in the same boat as one in three American adults. While several things can interfere with how well you sleep, there is a good chance that using the wrong type of pillow is at least partially to blame for how well you sleep and what you feel like when you wake. In order to get good sleep, there are certain requirements when it comes to a pillow. Take a look at how your pillow could be interfering with your much-needed rest. 

The Wrong Pillow Doesn’t Support Proper Neck Alignment

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Proper neck alignment is a major factor when it comes to good, restful sleep. According to Harvard Health, keeping your neck bent at an awkward angle or bent for even a short period of time impedes your comfort. This alone can make it difficult to stay asleep, but it can also mean issues with neck pain after you wake up. For example, if you commonly sleep on your stomach and have a large, fluffy pillow supporting your head, this forces the neck to bend back from the spine. Look for a pillow that keeps your neck as in line with the rest of your spine as possible. This can actually vary depending on your preferred sleeping position. Selecting a pillow that is designed for your preferred sleeping position will help your neck get the right support.

The Wrong Pillow Could Contribute to Insomnia

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If you are not comfortable, whether that is because of neck alignment or another issue, it can definitely be difficult to fall asleep. If you are using the wrong kind of pillow, this can interfere with your ability to get into a comfortable sleeping position. Therefore, using the wrong pillow size, a pillow of the wrong material, or a pillow that is not the right density could easily contribute to problems with insomnia. 

The Wrong Pillow Prevents Comfort If Dealing with Certain Conditions 

Certain health conditions interfere with good sleep. A few examples include sleep apnea, allergies, and Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). When you have one of these medical conditions, it is critical to pick a pillow that supports your body and helps to deter symptoms. For example, people with GERD may see fewer systems at night by sleeping on their left side according to research. Therefore, a pillow that gives your neck the right level of support while sleeping on your left side would be the best fit. 

What is the Best Pillow for Good Sleep?

Sobella liuxury pillows stack of 3hypoallergenic pillows for side sleepers

The best pillow for sleep can truly depend on the individual. It can be helpful to determine what a healthy sleep position is for you first, but also consider any issues that you wish to correct by using the right kind of pillow. Sobel Westex provides pillows to the best hotels around the world, made from quality materials and with state-of-the-art equipment for durability and comfort. Since hotel guests will have a variety of needs, we have luxury pillows to accommodate all sleep styles.

For example, if you have a hard time sleeping due to allergies, a Hotel Sobella Hypoallergenic Pillow may be a great choice for you. This lofty pillow provides good support for  side sleepers and is filled with hypoallergenic soft gel fiber fill.

Likewise, if you are a back sleeper but often wake with neck pain, a Hotel Sahara Night II Firm Pillow may give your head and neck just the right level of support. The microfiber-filled pillow with 100% polyester cover is durable and easy care.

Check out our pillow collection for more choices to fit your sleep style and needs.

Find Luxury Pillows for Ultimate Bedtime Comfort and Sleep Support

Sobel Westex Sobella Supremo bed pillow

Sobel Westex has been providing the hospitality industry the best, high-quality pillows for a long time, pillows that meet their high standards for a great night’s sleep for all their guests. Now, you can have access to that same level of luxury and comfort, no matter what type of pillow works best for you and your sleep style.  Be sure to take a look at the full line of luxury hotel pillows to find the one that makes sure you rest just as well as a weary traveler in a high-end resort. 

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